Lazy Mornings

Lazy Mornings - Beach

Lazy Mornings - Camping

When Darren and I were camping on the weekend I had a bit of a mini revelation.

Lazy Mornings - Breakfast

We had spent an hour or more in the morning lazily laying in bed talking until our growling stomachs dragged us up for breakfast. We ate granola with peaches and blueberries, both helping ourselves to seconds, and when all the food was gone we still sat for another hour or more and just hung out. We cleaned up the dishes, washed the sleep from our faces, and sat together – talking, reading, and doing crossword puzzles – until it was time to make lunch.

Lazy Mornings - Woods

As I walked back through the woods to our campsite after washing up that’s when it hit me. This is what I’d always imagined life being like. Before Darren and I moved in together we were separated by a two hour drive. When we were together our time was precious and when we were apart I dreamt about how our life would be when we lived under the same roof. And long leisurely weekend mornings together were a big part of what I wanted.

Lazy Mornings - Beach

It’s now ten years later and those long leisurely mornings are very few and very far between, I’d guess they only happen a few times a year. Instead weekend mornings are filled with errands, surfing the internet, and house projects. That is, if I’m not working. So I’ve decided I’m going to re-prioritize my time and try my darndest to get all those things done through the week, save for the big house projects, so I can have a tiny slice of my dream life.

Wish me luck.

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