let the day of feasting begin!


Good Morning Everyone!

Are you enjoying my Greece Food Diary mini-series so far? We’re almost at the end, only two more entries left after this one. I want to go back just for the fare…


September 22nd of last year found us in the town of Naoussa on the island of Paros, Greece. We were staying at a lovely little place called Isabella’s Apartments run by a great lady named, you guessed it, Isabella. She’s so sweet and treats her guests like family; she even gave us some homemade treats while we were there.

Our room was perfect, it had a little kitchenette where we kept morning fixings so we could have breakfast on the patio before we would head out on our day. Plus the hotel was built on a slope so we woke up to a beautiful view of the water everyday.

Brunch took us to a creperie for delights filled with chocolate, strawberries, and nuts – yum!


We spent the day exploring the old market and the rest of Naoussa before resting at a seaside taverna eating wonderfully salty Greek cheese and drinking wine. Oh how luxurious!



Dinner took us to a restaurant in town with friends we met at our hotel. The food was plentiful and the company was great! Saganaki, kalamari, and some of the nicest, juiciest lamb I’ve ever tasted. Life is good!

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