Location Scouting – Lake Huron

Location Scouting - Map

Location Scouting - Map

At the beginning of every seascape season I like to do a location scout to some of my favourite places, just to make sure things are as I left them last year. So I spent eight hours checking out some of my favourite spots along Lake Huron with stops in Kettle Point, Ipperwash, Grand Bend, Bayfield, and Goderich.

Location Scouting - Kettle Point Location Scouting - Ipperwash Location Scouting - Ipperwash

Driving all day is always tiring, especially when the alarm clock goes off at 3:15am so I can get to an early morning shoot in Kettle Point for 5am. I figured if I was going to drive all that way I may as well try and make a seascape photograph while I was at it.

Location Scouting - Goderich Location Scouting - Bayfield

I covered close to 300 km with tons of stops to snap location photos and explore beaches. It was a beautiful sunny day to boot which always makes it better.

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