London Art Shop – Curiosities Gift Shop

London Art Shop - Curiosities Gift Shop

We’re very pleased to announce that Curiosities Gift Shop now carries our notecards! Curiosities is an independently owned and operated gift shop in the heart of Wortley Village, Old South, London, Ontario. They specialized in local and Canadian-crafted items, many of which are handmade by area artisans.

Christmas Art Cards - Vanilla Dream
Christmas Art Cards - Port Stanley #4
Christmas Art Cards - Festive Boathouse

We’ve just dropped off a shipment of our framable holiday cards including Vanilla Dream, Port Stanley #4, and Festive Boathouse. So save on shipping and pick up your notecards at Curiosities Gift Shop.

Our work is also available at a few other retail shops, check out our Art Gift Shops page to find one near you.

2 thoughts on “London Art Shop – Curiosities Gift Shop

  1. Fran Selinger says:

    Damn you! I wanted to get MY stuff in Curiosities! They weren’t really interested because I don’t have the volume that they wanted and because I will be out of the country half the time. Can I cry discrimination? Equal rights for sun lovers? Anyway… congrats, I’ve always liked that store. Used to know the old owner.

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