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Hi Everyone!

Have you heard about London’s Handmade Festival? It’s a series of workshops and events held mainly at the Central Branch of the London Public Library. Darren and I will have a table at the Art Show and Sale on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 and we want your help! We plan to take prints of 8-12 of our photographs and have them available for purchase and viewing in person. What we want to know is:

  • which images would you like to see up close and personal?
  • what size do you think is most appropriate for a show of this nature? we’re planning on focusing on 8×10’s {$35} but may take some 5×7’s {$18} as well.
  • would you be interested in seeing notecards {$4.50}?
  • what would you like us to give away as a freebie; art magnets? bookmarks? postcards? have another suggestion?
  • we’re thinking about having a giveaway that you can enter at the festival, what would you like to win? a matted 8×10 print of your choice?

Plan on coming by the art sale? Thinking about purchasing one of our images but you’d like to see it live-and-in-person first? Let us know! That way we’ll be sure to bring that special piece with us, you can reserve it with no obligations. We can even schedule an appointment for you meet us at the show.

Check out the Upcoming Events section in the sidebar to see where we’ll be so we can meet in person.

6 thoughts on “london’s handmade festival

  1. merium says:

    I live too far away, but if I was able to attend, I would love to see some notecards! Postcards for freebies would be great and a matted print giveaway~swoon! Hope you have a great time!

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks for all your suggestions Merium! I definitely plan on doing a giveaway and I’ll keep notecards and postcards in mind.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I’m looking forward to attending!

    1. images – would love to see the b&w and long exposures
    2. I would lean to 5×7 as (it is my theory that) people are likely to spend under $20 without thinking about it, but over $20 requires consideration. At least that’s how my mind works :)
    3. Notecards – love the theory but I never seem to use the stockpile I’ve built up!
    4. My personal freebie fave is bookmarks. With 400+ books, I always have multiples on the go and I can never find a bookmark!
    5 Giveaways – I’m happy with a bookmark, but I’m easy to please. A matted print would be lovely though.

    • jennifer says:

      That’s great Sylvia! You must stop by and introduce yourself!

      You’ve left me lots to think about. It’s good to hear that bookmarks are useful. I heard from a recent client that she’s using my business cards as bookmarks, I wonder if other people do the same. Is a traditional bookmark a better choice?

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