DIY Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Wreath DIY Home Decor Project

Magnolia Wreath DIY Home Decor Project

Our magnolia tree needed a branch removed and I’d had a long day that just didn’t go my way. I needed a project. I needed to make something. Anything. I needed to get out of my funk.

I’d just seen a magnolia wreath diy on Pinterest and I figured that was exactly my speed that evening. So I plucked a small bucket of leaves off the trimmed branch and settled in for a night of making…

Magnolia Wreath DIY Home Decor Project

Magnolia Wreath DIY


  • thread (preferably green)⠀
  • sewing needle⠀
  • a bucket of magnolia leaves⠀
  • wreath frame (I used a grapevine wreath)⠀
  • twine


1 – Thread needle with a length of thread that’s long enough to go around your entire wreath. (Don’t do like I did and use a piece that’s waaay too short and try to add on later).

2 – Pierce your leaves in the centre with the needle and slide them all the way down your thread. Continue until your leaf garland is long enough to cover your wreath.⠀

3 – Knot both ends of your thread to keep the leaves in place.⠀

4 – Attach leaf garland to wreath frame using twine.⠀

{ Optional – spend another two hours fluffing and adjusting the leaves. }⠀

5 – Breathe deep and enjoy the smell of autumn.

It was such a relaxing way to turn around a bad day, satisfy my inner maker, get creative with our autumn decor, and fill the house with the smell of fall leaves.

Psst… If you love to bring the outside in you may also want to decorate with birch logs or decking out your home for a nordic Christmas.


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