Make Juice with your Blender

Kitchen Art - Green Juice
Kitchen Art - Green Juice
Green Juice, Kitchen Art

We’re smoothie people. I know. It shocks me too. Before we became smoothie people I always thought that meant one of two things:

  1. Take some unknown powder from a giant tub and mix with water. Possibly add a banana. Or –
  2. Yogurt and fruit. Essentially a healthy blizzard.

Though the second option does sound quite tasty it wasn’t something I would find myself doing regularly, and besides, aren’t there booths at the mall that can serve that stuff up way better than I can?

Last January {2013} we did our first 16 day food detox which had us making smoothies pretty much every day for breakfast. Green ones. Ew. Don’t judge. They’re actually surprisingly tasty when done right. Some of our favourite ingredients are romaine, cucumber, frozen berries (because they’re so easy), hemp seeds, and ginger. Look at all those vitamins in our breakfast! We have them every other day for breakfast, alternating with granola, and are loving it! Plus it’s easy enough to sip away at a green smoothie while I’m working in the studio. The only real downside is that they definitely don’t keep you warm on a cold winter day.

The detox also had us making green juices on the odd morning. What the what?! I wasn’t about to buy a juicer that I might never use again to make a few breakfast drinks for a detox. Besides, we live in a small house, everything we bring into it has to pull it’s weight. And what does a juicer do? It makes juice. What does a blender do? It makes smoothies, peanut butter, hummus, baba ganoush, pureed soups, and probably a bunch more things that I can’t think of right now. We seriously considered skipping the juice portion of the detox by just turning the juices into smoothies and being done with it. But then we saw Meghan Telpner’s video about how to make juice with a blender:

{If you’re reading by email or RSS or if for some other reason you can’t see this video you can click here to go to her website for all the details.}

Awesome. And that’s how we juice. We still don’t do it too often, just a few times a year when we’re healing our bodies, but we’re much, much happier with this than with owning a juicer. Isn’t it beautiful to live simply?

{And no, I’m not being comped by Meghan, I just think she has some amazing ideas about food that are definitely worth sharing.}

Do you make smoothies? Or juices? What’s your favourite kind? Do you have any tips or short cuts? Or have you found new uses for old kitchen tools?

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