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I know how easy it is to take a hundred digital photographs. I know how easy it is to download a hundred photographs onto my computer. And I know how hard it is to sort through all those images and actually make prints. They sit there in a folder on my computer, taunting me. The folder grows ever larger and more intimidating until it reaches a size that all but unsurmountable.  Then one day I have to force myself to sit down and sift through the unending list of photographs and decide what to have printed.  As much as I love photographs and albums this is a task I dread.  Don’t let this happen to you.

To try and ease my pain I’ve decided that at the end of each month I’ll go through all my image files and print what I’d like printed then archive, catalogue, and remove all unneccessary images from my hard drive.  I began this process in July and let me tell you: it’s so much nicer!  I can quickly sort through the month’s imagery and be on my way!  I encourage everyone to try it, even just for a few months.  Your sanity and your hard drive will thank you.

I found a great album company, it’s actually where I ordered my wedding album from.  You can check them out here.

The photograph Crystal Clear is now available in my seascape photography shop.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Not being organized is my only digital regret. I now can’t find the original files of images I’d like to print, and have thousands of images which were put in folders, but not tagged. It’s a bit of a mess but I’m trying to be more organized going forward.

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