matted miniatures!

Peony #16

Peony #16, 3″x3.75″ photographic print matted to 8″x10″

I now have two mini matted prints available in my shop!  Both images are 3×3.75 inches and have been window matted in white on the front with a solid piece on the back bringing the size of the finished piece to 8×10 inches – perfect for a stand size frame!

February Blues 3

February Blues 3, 3″x3.75″ photographic print matted to 8″x10″

I think these little images would look very sweet hanging on a small wall space, perhaps in a bathroom.  Peony #16 is available here and February Blues 3 is available here.

Do you like to purchase prints that are already matted?  What about framed?  Leave your comments below, if the response is positive this could be a service that I add to my shop.

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