May 2014 Calendar

May 2014 Calendar

May 2014 Calendar

Hello Everyone!

Sorry we haven’t been blogging much lately, the flu has invaded our studio and we’ve been systematically down and out for the past few weeks. But that hasn’t kept me from getting your May calendar in order and plotting a few more upcoming shoots.

You can download yours here:

[download id=”11437″]

[download id=”11439″]

[download id=”11441″]

[download id=”11443″]

You can see our whole archive of calendars here: Downloadable Desktop Calendars.

So what are your plans for April? Are you going to tie up some loose winter ends indoors, maybe some paint and decor? Are there some things you want to sort out internally, like your own happiness? Or are you planning to skip town and head south to flee this last bit of cool weather?

{Update – The image on this desktop is called Amuse and is now available in our shop}

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