memory card mania!


Has anyone else noticed how cheap memory cards are getting? For a very small amount of money you can purchase a card for your camera that holds hundreds of images. And I’ll admit it is quite tempting to have tons of images from a bunch of different events all on a single memory card, I mean that’s why they make them so big, isn’t it?


All your eggs are in one basket. So lets say you go on vacation and you take your camera along with you. You take a whole bunch of pictures of a whole bunch of exciting things you do and see. You get back from vacation and you take your camera with you to a concert where you snap a bunch of pics of your new favourite band performing live. Next is your best friends wedding, everyone’s all dressed up and looking divine – a regular photo-fest. Then you happen to be at your sister’s house when your only nephew takes his first step. What magic you’ve caught on film! Now your card is getting full and you figure it’s about time to download your images. You connect up to your computer and start the transfer process when a message pops up on the screen indicating that your memory card cannot be read! Memory cards are just like the hard drive space on your computer and for many reasons (which I won’t get into here) they are also susceptible to corruption which in turn can mean that you’ve lost all those memories you’ve recorded on it are gone. It happens more often than you think.

Plus, memory cards are plastic and fairly delicate. Don’t get them wet, drop them, or sit on them. The plastic can break or the parts inside can become damaged.

So, invest in some small capacity memory cards and download your images frequently to reduce the risk of losing everything.

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