Minimalist Photography – Lake Huron #3

Minimalist Photography - Lake Huron #3

Minimalist Photography - Lake Huron #3

Lake Huron #3, Minimalist Photograph

Back in November I made Ipperwash #2, while I was waiting for the light to be perfect I was lucky enough to make this photograph as well. There’s definitely a Mark Rothko influence in there, can you see it?

This photograph has me longing for the warmth of summer. What do you hope to do in the coming warmer months? Are you counting down the days to summer or are you happy to have a few more weeks of winter? What are your favourite things to do at the beach when you find you have a few minutes to spare?

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Photography – Lake Huron #3

  1. ally says:

    i read your piece in wayfare a while back and am just now coming to look at your work, better late than never right!? i love how simple and peaceful your pieces are. i live in oregon and we have some crazy waves on the coast. if you were to take your long exposures here, would the water still look smooth?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for stopping by Ally! Yes! It’s most certainly possible to make the wild ocean water look smooth. It just takes persistence. I’d love to make seascape photographs of the actual sea, one day!

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