3 Modern Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Modern Nursery Decor // Emily // Jennifer Squires

All this talk of magnolia abstract art prints and pretty pink little girl’s bedrooms has had me mentally collecting modern baby girl nursery ideas. So here’s three tips to keep your newborn’s room looking good while still complimenting the rest of your home:

Choose 2-3 Colours

Modern Nursery Decor // Emily // Jennifer Squires

Choose 2-3 colours for your nursery (or any room for that matter) and use them in all your decor accessories. Here they’ve chosen pink, gold, and light grey and used them in the throw pillows, bedding, pendants, and art.

Not sure which colours work together? Look for a favourite item and use it for inspiration, like this bunting, and use the tones from it to decorate the room.

White furniture keeps things light, airy, and coastal, and, more importantly, easy to change decor elements and colours as your baby and your family grow.

Add an Element of Fun with Creative Lighting

Modern Girl's Room Decor // Sophia // Jennifer Squires

Nurseries and children’s rooms are the easiest place to let loose and have some decor fun, and these days there’s sooooo many lighting options. My favourites are marquees and twinkle lights – and they’re a playful alternative to a nightlight.

Add Whimsy Above the Crib

Modern Nursery Wall Decor // Hailey + Emily // Jennifer Squires
Hailey + Emily

Use dreamy prints and whimsical mobiles above the crib to give baby something pretty and inspirational to look at as she falls asleep.

Have fun making a relaxing and creative nest for your new favourite person!