Inspiration: Modern Closet Doors

We’ve been slowly tweaking our master bedroom over the past few months. Last summer we had nice dark hardwood flooring installed and we removed the sad, itty-bitty baseboard that was in there when we bought out house. We’re replacing it all with chunky trim and hopefully I’ll have finished photos (and maybe even a video!) to share with you this fall (eeeeek! it’s waaay too early to be talking fall!).

We’ve rearranged the furniture but we desperately need a new closet door, and because of it’s size, it’s gonna need to be custom. It’s a reach-in closet that exists beneath the slant of our sloping ceiling that is barely five-and-a-half feet tall – great for me, not so great for most other people. Previously it was home to a standard seen-better-days accordion fold door, and when the 3/4″ hardwood flooring went down it was the perfect opportunity to say sayonara since it no longer fit.

DIY Shaker Door

I’m seriously considering doing something similar to the shaker door I put in our living room, but I know I won’t be satisfied unless I explore other options.

So I’ve been searching Pinterest for modern closet doors and I’ve come up with lots of inspiration – most of which aren’t closet doors, but I think they could definitely be modified to work. Lots of them are sliding barn doors, which isn’t the route we’re taking. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but they definitely have certain spots they work in, and this ain’t it.

Favourite Modern Closet Doors

I’m totally digging this white 5-panel glass door they installed over at The House of Smiths. It’s not all that different than our shaker door but a little more updated and modern. They used it to keep the natural light flowing between the two rooms, but for our closet, glass doors may not be the way to go.

Modern Closet Doors - Glass Panel

And since we’re talking about glass doors that won’t work on our particular closet, I’m totally in love with the black steel frame door that Smith Hanes uses on this shower…

Modern Closet Doors - Steel Frame Glass

And here’s something in a similar vein that wouldn’t add visual clutter from Plain English

Modern Closet Doors - Ribbed Glass

For less glass and more of that modern shaker feel, there’s Jeff Lewis’ Craftsman Style Door

Modern Closet Doors - Craftsman Style

If you’re looking to add some modern texture to your room you could always choose a door with simple horizontal boards, like this one by Tiffany Harris via Becki Owens

Modern Closet Doors - Horizontal Boards

But if you’re looking for something a little fancier then you can turn those horizontal lines on an angle for chevrons or herringbone, like this, again from Tiffany Harris via Becki Owens

Modern Closet Door Inspiration - Herringbone

Or this one from Rachel Halvorson Designs

Modern Closet Doors - Chevron

And how beautiful are these layered chevrons from Lauren Nelson Design?!

Modern Closet Doors - Layered Chevron

So much to think about! Which are your favourites?

Modern Closet Doors



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