Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Modern Cuckoo Clocks for Scandinavian-Style Coastal Home Decor

Darren had gone to bed for the night and I was trying to catch up on an extra hour of work. I was left to my own devices. I really should have been working, but that late at night I had no self control. I couldn’t help myself, I started Googling for modern cuckoo clocks.

It’s been months since my last cuckoo clock binge, I’m not sure what it is about them, but once I start, I just can’t stop.

Maybe it’s because I love houses and these are just little houses that I can use to decorate our home.

Maybe it’s the art and creativity of each piece.

Maybe it’s because they have a happy, toy-like quality.

Or maybe it’s because I just need one. NOW.

I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite cuckoo clocks that I think could fit effortlessly and playfully into any modern scandinavian-style coastal home…

  1. MUJI Cuckoo Clock
  2. Black and White Pendulum
  3. 4stagioni cuckoo clock
  4. Modern Cuckoo Clock
  5. Isky Wall Clock with Cuckoo
  6. Cuckoo Wall Clock
  7. Blue Quadri
  8. White Birdhouse
  9. Meridiana Cucu Clock
  10. Titti Cucu Clock
  11. Modern Design Wood Cuckoo Clock
  12. Home Sweet Home

Many now come with a light sensor so there’s no singing after dark. But I do wonder if they grow old fast, or if it’s something I’d love forever and ever. I’ve even thought about buying a traditional clock off Craigslist and painting it white like Julia over at Cuckoo4Design.

PS. While we’re on the subject, the time change is this coming Sunday, March 12th, so don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour.

Do you love cuckoo clocks? Do you have a favourite? Have you ever lived with one? I wanna hear all about it! And if you’re looking for more product roundups, be sure to check out How to Choose Throw Pillows for your Sofa, Pink Living Room Accents, and Yellow Kitchen Accents.

2 thoughts on “Modern Cuckoo Clocks

  1. Anne says:

    These look rather like birdhouses and they are appealing as well! Tuck a few handcrafted mini birdhouses on your shelves too! Or outside!

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