more savoury crepes!

This time from a cafe called Chocolat on the island of Naxos. Darren ordered a Greek salad crepe full of tomato, feta, green peppers, and lots of salty olives. I ordered one that said it was filled with cheese, mustard sauce, and sausage, which turned out to mean cheddar, mustard (as opposed to mustard powder), and sliced hot dogs. Still quite yummy though!


After brunch we were on the hunt for a laundry mat. Darren asked a sweet lady for directions, her English wasn’t very good so she walked with us for a few blocks to show us exactly where it was. Once inside the shopkeeper noticed Darren’s Toronto Zoo hat, well, low and behold, her brother, his wife and two boys live in Mississauga! Wow! I’m always amazed at people the pick up and move to another country, I wonder why he left Greece for Ontario?

If you could move to another country where would you go?

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