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Lake Erie #1 and Ipperwash #1

Victoria from sfgirlbybay came up with a wonderful idea to link bloggers together through their inspirations. Each of us were assigned a day to write about what motivates us and link to another blogger who will post their inspirations next. Today is my day, so here goes:

my inspiration

Oh gosh, there are so many things that energize me. I guess over the past year or so I’ve become really inspired by the natural world and the cycles it goes through.

  • Winter used to be a tough season for me but now I find it really reflective to capture dormant trees in snowy fields. It reminds me to take time for myself and relax in preparation for the coming summer.
  • I love the shoreline, I find it really soothing and calming staring out to sea, it definitely adds peace to my life.
  • I get really excited by people who think outside of the box and take overwhelming tasks and create something that’s more accessible. {think: You Grow Girl, ReadyMade, No Impact Man, Jamie Oliver}

other inspired people

Want to read about what inspires other bloggers? Be sure to check out these sites tomorrow; JetKat Design, Beauty Designed, Once Upon A Chai Tea Latte, Coeur de La, Redbird Style, Every Little Wonder, Sparker, The Penny has Dropped, Max and Ellie, and Whitney English.

You can see the full list of people that are writing about their inspirations on the official Blog It Forward page.

5 thoughts on “blog it forward: my inspiration

  1. Dennice says:

    Very inspiring thoughts. I too find the sea most inspiring. Creative thoughts simply fly right at me when I\’m near the water. Thank you for sharing your wonderful inspirations. You have a beautiful blog and I\’m so happy to have found you through Blog It Forward….xo

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us! I think that if we didn’t have winter, we’d all die of exhaustion! It does force us to sit back and relax.

  3. Arcadia says:

    i love Ready Made too, and the shoreline – i must live by water. i’m working my way up to really liking winter. maybe if i lived some place where it snowed and was pretty, but unfortunately our winters are just windy and wet!

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