Natalie’s Calming Beach Bedroom in Calgary

Beach Dreams - Lake Huron Water Picture
Natalie's Calming Beach Bedroom in Calgary

Natalie recently added Beach Dreams to her bedroom and was sweet enough to send these lovely before and after photos.

Don’t you just love the feel of her calming beach bedroom? It’s so quiet and breezy you’d think she was on the ocean. Nope! She’s in Calgary. Yup, no large bodies of water for miles. MILES.

Wait, we’re in Canada. Should I say kilometres?

Soothing Water Picture - Beach Dreams

But that vibe! So wonderfully relaxing. Oh the easy-breezy sleeps I could have in that bedroom…

All that white mixed with her sand-toned headboard makes it a restful haven. Add in the blue accents from the art and beads and it’s got beach written all over it.

Here’s a peek at what her bedroom looked like before adding her Beach Dreams print…

Natalie's Calming Beach Bedroom in Calgary - Before

Isn’t it amazing how much more life her bedroom has just by adding a print? It makes the bedroom seem so much more finished. Plus art adds a little pop of personality and emphasizes the emotion of the room – even if that emotion is calm and serene.

So what do you think? Which version of Natalie’s calming beach bedroom makes your heart sing? With art or without?

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