New Abstract Art Prints – Spring Frost

Inspiring Abstract Art Print - Make A Wish
Inspiring Abstract Art Prints - Make A Wish
Make A Wish – Inspiring Abstract Art Print

This week we celebrate the start of spring! Happy warm weather is on the horizon as we approach the end of winter’s dark tunnel and all I want to do is tear open the curtains and throw up the sash, but it’s still a bit too chilly to let the fresh air in for more than five minutes.

So instead I’m buying tulips and herbs, swapping out throw pillows, and dreaming up all kinds of quick and easy ways to add the smallest hints of spring to our home. That’s why for new release Tuesday I’m sharing my new collection: Spring Frost.

The neutral brown and white of winter compliment the tiniest bits of blue, pink, and purple in these subtle and soothing abstract art prints, making them perfect for you to begin slowly transitioning your home from focusing inward to focusing on growth and optimism.

Inspiring abstract art to add a pop of happiness to your light and airy home. Smile and set your sights on the sky as you soar headlong into your dreams. Live your life inspired to leap into the amazing.

Add quiet to your morning, whether you’re relaxing at your beach house or getting ready for work in the city.

Abstract Expressionism Art Print - Walk in the Woods
Walk in the Woods – Abstract Expressionism Art Print

Soothing soft blue and brown streaked abstract art, quiet beauty whether you’re on the seashore or hundreds of miles from it.

Coastal Modern Decor Canvas - Melt Away
Melt Away – Coastal Modern Decor

Serene abstract art to help you find balance and relaxation in your day. Filled with soft purply-blues for a dash of cheerful tranquility.

Serene Abstract Art Print Canvas - Ebb and Flow
Ebb and Flow

Prolong your peaceful mornings, breathe deep as you start a new day filled with fresh enthusiasm.

Sun Salutation – Abstract Yoga Art Print

Designed specifically for busy women like you to make your home a more relaxing and creative nest. Your work life is busy, but your home life doesn’t have to be.

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