New Abstract Magnolias Coming June 20th

Pink Scandinavian Nursery Print // Ava // Jennifer Squires

Pink Scandinavian Nursery Print // Ava // Jennifer Squires

Can I be real? I’ve never liked pink. Not even as a little girl. Growing up I had two brothers and zero sisters so guess what? My world was pink. My room was painted pink and I had a pink canopy bed. I was surrounded by pink.

I give my parents credit. It was the 70s/80s and that’s what you did.

I didn’t hate pink. I was just never that little girl who was pleased-as-punch to be dressed head to toe in pink. I don’t think I really had a favourite colour until I was in my 20s, and let me tell you, pink wasn’t it.

But then 2016 happened. There was the rose gold iPhone, Pantone’s colour of the year was rose quartz, and Scandinavian decor was dappled with increasing touches of blush. Where were these pinks in the 80s? I could maybe have become a fan…

I’m not in love with pink, but definitely in like. It wouldn’t be absurd for me to put a fuzzy, furry, pale pink throw pillow on our sofa. Heck, my pink childhood bunny now hangs out in our living room full time.

In fact, I find pink is super pretty when it’s soft and in small doses surrounded by lots of white and light grey.

If you’re in this boat with me, then mark your calendar: my new abstract magnolias will be available Tuesday, June 20th at Noon EDT.

Designed specifically for women like you who want to extend their modern-coastal-with-a-hint-of-Scandinavian vibe into their little girl’s rooms. You can have your California cool, she can have her pink.

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