New Dreamy Beaches – Coastal Wall Decor

Morning Sunrise Sky Picture - Julie's Jive

Picture Morning Sunrise Sky - Julie's Jive

As the sun broached the horizon I knew my 4am alarm clock was a good decision. The clouds lit up blue and pink over Lake Erie, giving me only a few short minutes to render my feelings of optimism; humbly worshipping the soothing effect that only nature can have.

Orange Sunset Impressionist Art Photograph - Whirling Warmth

We rushed to the beach right after dinner during our late August holiday because we knew we were in for a beautiful sunset. It wasn’t just any sunset either. It had the feeling of bygone days, a time when things were simpler, when people lulled on the beach, dipped their toes in the water, and drifted quietly in the arms of their special someone.

Pretty Beach House Decor - She Danced Among The Morning Tide

But sometimes I just can’t make it to the beach. I get swept away with other things, lost in the busyness of life, and forget to take time for me. Spending a minute or two breathing in my coastal wall decor is all I need to remind myself how beautiful my life is.

Dreamy Beaches

Breathe the fresh air.

After many 4am alarms my new Dreamy Beach Collection is now available! With 8 new abstract photographs these images are our fond farewell to summer.

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