new image: lake erie #9

Lake Erie #9

Lake Erie #9

Lake Erie #9, landscape photograph

I made this photograph on a cold, drizzly evening in November. The sky hung heavy, raining in varying amounts as the day drew to a close, temperature hovering just above zero. It was not a day I wanted to be out photographing. The week prior, when the weather was better, I had scheduled to photograph in Port Glasgow with a friend. Many times I thought about calling her to re-schedule for a better day, but it was November, how many “better days” were there really going to be.

Port Glasgow is a spot I’ve photographed at several times before, lots of nooks and crannies in which to make beautiful images. On my previous visit the beach was empty, save for a boy with a guitar serenading a girl in the water, so sweet. I remember whispering to Darren what a lovely evening it was. It was on that trip that I spied a cluster of rocks that I thought I’d explore with my camera on a future visit. Those rocks were my subject that damp November night.

After showing Sylvia around I set up my tripod nice and low, practically in the water, before my seaweed draped stones. It wasn’t until then that I noticed the wooden rails mysteriously disappearing out into the water. Three in total, only two of which appear in my final image. What are these relics from the past? An old dock? Perhaps.

And then, I wait. Close to an hour passed from when I first set up my tripod to when this image was captured. Waiting for the light. Calm. Quiet. Peaceful.

Rocks and rails,
and sea of fog,
eye of newt,
and toe of frog,
wool of bat,
and tongue of dog…

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