New Pink Abstract Art Prints // Magnolias

Modern Little Girl's Room Decor // Madison // Jennifer Squires
New Pink Abstract Art Prints

You know I love my light, airy, white rooms with accents in pale neutrals like grey, blonde wood, and the teeniest bit of black. All to show off all my favourite shades of blue from soft nearly-grey to deep-rich-midnight. But sometimes, just sometimes, once in a while, the teeniest dab of non-blue colour is needed. Like a soft delicate pink. Think blush accents in a pretty little girl’s bedroom, a feminine bedroom, or a Scandinavian living room.

And that’s part of why I’ve made this new collection of abstract magnolias. The other reason is that I just can’t resist photographing trees covered in flowers. I mean, who can?!

So when you’ve got a home decorated in California cool and your favourite daughter comes along and all you can think about is pink…

When you’re not interested in princess pink but you do want to add a bit more femininity to your home…

And when you just want to add a little bit of warmth and happiness…

…then soft pink and white accessories are for you.

Modern Girl's Room Decor // Sophia // Jennifer Squires

Because your daughter is so full of beautiful happy energy, you just can’t help but show off her kindness on the walls of her room.

Pink Scandinavian Nursery Canvas // Ava // Jennifer Squires

Because your chic white office needs a joyful dose of feminine grace.

Modern Nursery Wall Decor // Hailey + Emily // Jennifer Squires
Hailey + Emily

And because you want your sweet baby girl to dream of sunshine and happiness and trees covered in flowers.

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