no impact man: the book


No Impact Man by Colin Beavan was my muse last week at the cottage.  This is another book that I just couldn’t put down!  It is a guided tour of the year that the author and his family set out to reduce their impact on the planet:

  • eradicating garbage
  • all but eliminating any non-self-propelled means of transportation
  • making wiser food choices
  • greening their home

An engaging account of their trials, tribulations, and experiences described in a very human, easy to relate to way. It was so nice to read a book that is this radical but written by every day people who have just decided to take matters into their own hands. It was inspiring to hear of their struggles and the way they balanced the no impact project with what was practical.

I did find myself wanting more in the way of day-to-day tips, but this just isn’t that kind of book. Never fear though, there’s a great appendix in the back that lists all kinds of resources depending on which aspect of the project you’re interested in.

So what am I going to do now?  For starters I plan to:

  • unplug the television
  • search for bulk food stores in our area that will let us bring our own reusable containers
  • try to reduce car use – this one I’m still working out the details on, a lot of my photo shoots lately have required driving out of the city
  • eat more locally

What are your favourite books full of ideas to help save the planet? What are some simple things you do?


PS. A while ago I blogged about the documentary film that compliments the project, No Impact Man, the movie.

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