Oh, Kitty…

Favourite tv Moms. This isn’t going to be much of a list this week. We don’t have a television. I grew up with very little access to tv. They don’t run cable to Hockley and because it’s in a valley the aerial antenna only picked up four channels: two were the same and one was in french.

There were ten kids in town that were remotely in my age group and together we found lots of other things to entertain us: walking in the woods, baking, campfires, listening to music, building an Ewok village, and we watched a lot of movies. It was magical! This is a really big contributing factor to why we don’t have a tv now. Life is so much simpler without it.

When it came to this week’s list there was really only one person who came to mind. I hope you enjoy the video, a little homage to my favourite tv mom, Kitty Forman.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s List Love Book Club! I’d love to hear who your favourite tv Mom’s are, leave your list in the comments section below.

Next week I’ll be listing some of my most memorable co-workers, should be interesting!


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