one of a kind christmas show 2010

Friday found Darren and I at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Have you ever been? If not you must check it out at least once – there’s so many inspiring things to see! We were there as shoppers (not vendors) and we came home with quite the haul of lovelies.

Sartoria cashmere underwear

{image: Sartoria}

My absolute favourite crafter was Sartoria. She makes upcycled women’s long johns, underwear, and undershirts out of old cashmere and merino sweaters. Brilliant! I am now the proud owner of a pair of her cashmere and merino underwear that I’m very excited to test out – you can never dress too warm for a Canadian winter. I also dream of some day having her make me a pair of her cashmere garter belt long johns, oh how heavenly they would be.

Vintage Girl Derriere and Bathtub photographs by Jane Heller

{images: Jane Heller}

We had the pleasure to finally meet the lovely photographer Jane Heller (whom we know from the Female Photographers of Etsy). Jane is so sweet! This was her first time ever doing the One of a Kind Show, I’m so proud of her! She came all the way from Montreal, it’s nice to finally get to meet the people that we talk to online. Jane makes, among other subject matter, vintage boudoir photographs. The two above will soon hang side by each in our bathroom. I hope Jane and I stay in touch and become long time friends and colleagues!

Socks from Les Bas de Julie

{image: Les Bas de Julie}

Darren spends a lot of time outside so we got him two pairs of toasty warm shetland wool socks from Les Bas de Julie. He tested them out around the house yesterday and not only are they comfy-cozy but they are quite handsome looking too!

Pheylonian beeswax candles{image: Pheylonian Production Kohr}

Plus we stocked up on beeswax candles from Pheylonian. Their candles are beautiful, long lasting, non-toxic, and made from 100% pure Canadian cappings beeswax. We had a nice chat with Tawlia who told us all about her adventures in candle making, including the fact that other beeswax candle makers accuse them of putting too much beeswax in their candles, making them last too long. She even invited us to her home in Marlbank, Ontario, to see their splendid space and go for a dip in the alluring lake that they live on.

Such a beautiful way to spend the day! What did you do on the weekend?

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