our first baklava in greece


Starting the day with crepes! Above, Darren’s is banana with mango and honey sauce, below, mine is stuffed with tomato and cheese, and we shared a nice thick orange juice. If only it wasn’t so much more work than cereal, I would have these every day at home!


Then we found something from a patisserie that I didn’t even know existed. Darren bought it on a whim not knowing what it was, and now our pastry eating has been forever changed.


Chocolate baklava!  That’s right, chocolate baklava. My, oh my! Many layers of phyllo stuffed with a chocolate almond mixture and soaked in honey sauce. Yu-um! If you have a recipe for this you must send it to me! Please, oh please! This is the tastiest thing we ate while we were in Greece. If you look carefully you might be able to see the honey sauce about to drip from Darren’s finger. This may very well have ruined all other pastries for me. Let me tell you, many of these passed through my lips in the remaining five days of our trip.

greece-682The morning drizzle turned to an all day rain so Paros Town was pretty quiet. We had a candlelit dinner at a quaint little restaurant with a covered patio while the power flickered. Salmon steak with rice and zucchini and tomato pasta. A very romantic evening.

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