our last order of greek pastries


On this day in 2008 was our last full day in Greece. We got up early so we could bus across Paros to the port and catch a ferry back to the mainland. Don’t worry; we left plenty of time to get our last fix of Greek pastries. You can see at the back right is another chocolate baklava – so yummy.


It was a very hot boat trip to the mainland and most of the day had passed before we made it to our hotel in Athens. As a note to other Greek tourists: book your hotel in Athens ahead of time. We spent hours looking for a clean hotel with a “reasonable” rate in the city. We still ended up spending twice as much on our room on the mainland as we did on those on the islands. We had a margarita pizza for a late dinner and I totally forgot to take a photograph before it was gobbled up.

Thanks for re-living this trip to Greece with me! I hope you found it as deliciously inspiring as I did! I’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled blogging.  Until then, have a delectable weekend!

2 thoughts on “our last order of greek pastries

    • jennifer says:

      Well if you ever decide to go Lisa, definitely let me know, I’ll tell you where the great food is! It might cost you some chocolate baklava though (hee hee).

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