design for mankind – april 2008

As seen on Design for Mankind. [...]

crop into your subject

Don’t be afraid to crop into your subject. By leaving part of your subject out [...]

mother’s day sale!

Save 25% off any regularly priced prints of [...]

tilt your camera

Try tilting your camera, just oh so slightly, to the left or the right to [...]

online shop!

Yes it’s true! Now you can shop for my fine art photographs from the comfort [...]

able mabel – february 2008


february fine art

Check out a few miniature pieces of my work at the following events: [...]

family day!

February 18th – Ontario’s new Family Day! [...]



love earth

With an innate commitment to keeping our world happy and healthy I strive to use [...]


Props do so much more than fill space, they tell a story. But more importantly [...]

kind words

“…our expectations were exceeded…my ideas were valued. I knew I could ‘Let go of the [...]

shoot from a low angle

It’s really important to connect with the person you’re photographing. One of the easiest ways [...]

delectable photography!

This month I photographed a great restaurant in Peterborough. Cervantes Wine Bar, Tapas, and Restaurant [...]

beautiful details

Get in close for some detail shots – honing in on some [...]

kind words

“The photos were beautiful. You made Phil and I feel very comfortable posing for pictures, [...]

take lots of pictures!

Digital photography and affordable memory cards allow you to easily take lots of pictures and [...]

photo questions?

Do you have photography questions? [...]

kind words

“Very professional, beautiful pictures.” [...]

clear the clutter!

Backgrounds are very important elements of photographs. Try and keep the area surrounding your subject [...]