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We’ve been dreaming up ways for you to add your own personalization to our images, making your artwork extra special. One of the pieces that we’ve been working with is Hot. I originally started adding graphics and text to this photograph to use as a thank you image when I leave Etsy feedback for a buyer (see below).


With Valentine’s Day and wedding season coming up I thought this would be a fun image to add a couple’s names to so I came up with the first image displayed at the top of this post. The background is lightly printed with the couple’s names (in this case that’s us, it says “jen loves darren”) in a pretty scripty font. Then in big bold letters on the lower right it has the names again, this time in red, along with an optional special date, in this case we’ve used our wedding date.

Do you think I should work on a piece similar to the thank you image but customized with names and a date? Which style do you prefer, the first image shown here or the second?

{The first image is now available in our shop, if it’s sold don’t worry, it will more than likely be re-stocked}

3 thoughts on “personalized photographs

  1. Sydney says:

    I love the first image. The second image, to me, (thank you banner) takes too much away from your actual photography, which I thing should remain the focal point. I think the second image would make a fun and creative personalized thank you card.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks Sydney! It’s nice to hear another viewpoint. You’re right, the image with the banner could make a really fun thank you card. Great suggestion!

  2. merium says:

    I also love the first image! It looks so fresh and pretty. The second is a bit too busy, but agree with the first commenter~it would make a very fun thank-you card! Maybe in your etsy shop??

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