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It seems as though you can get an app for just about everything these days so we asked photographers to discuss which were their favourite, and here’s what they said.

{For the purposes of this discussion apps are defined as: application. A small application that you use on your phone, mobile device, or web browser for fun or productivity.}

Leaca YoungmSecure is my new favourite. My brain can’t hold all these usernames and passwords, now I just have to remember one that will get me into the program. Well two, I have one on my phone as well.

A Sense of Place Photography – I use Tweetie for Mac on my MacBook. It helps me from obsessively logging into twitter to see new replies. It’s pretty cute too. I use Selective Tweets for messages I want to send to my Facebook account. I also use gmail Notifier, again, to cut down on always checking for new email. I just hear a sound and see a small pop up window whenever new mail comes in which keeps me relaxed and working on task, knowing that something else is scouting my correspondence for me

Dancing Tree Photography – I have an iPod Touch and I love it. Because I’m a geek I love my NPR app.

Silver Horse Photography – I just got a fun new one called Hipstamatic. It brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras.

Sweet Eventide – I just got Square and I’m so excited about it! I’ll be able to accept credit cards at craft fairs!

Louise Knight-RichardsonHipstamatic is without a doubt my favourite, I’m in love! You buy different lenses, film, flashes, and filters. Interchange them for really cute “on the move” photos!

Steph Barcenas – I LOVE Hipstamatic and their print service is AMAZING! I just got back 24 4×4 prints and the quality is exceptional! Another great app is Instagram.

Andrea Baker – My favourite is Angry Birds. Our daughter got us into this single player game. The idea is to get 3 stars in each level and find the golden eggs. My husband and I find that we are always trying to out do each other. It’s fun. They also came out with a Halloween version and they had plushies made of the birds.

Aperture Agog – I’m on board with the Hipstamtic and Square. Both are great products. Square is the best deal for taking credit cards on your phone. For my iPhone I also enjoy Photobooth which does perfect photobooth style shots and Quad Camera that does quick shots in 4,6 or 8 multiplies. I also live on Mint to track all my shop expenses.

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