photographers discuss – recent art purchases

{image: Philippa Rice}

I recently asked fellow photographers to discuss their most recent art purchases, and here’s what they said:

Jennifer Squires – Last winter I purchased the Dwellings Set {above} from Philippa Rice. Look at all the little details! The Dwellings set is a collection of three zines filled with intricate towns and cities just like the one shown here. Such a magical place to visit!

{image: Mike Bryce}

Mary Vican – The last piece I purchased was at the Block Island, RI art festival from local painter Michael Bryce. It’s a painting with a mermaid woman set in a local scene featuring the Narragansett Towers, which is a local icon and remainder of an old Victorian era beachside casino. I wanted something for my house which would represent a place I loved and be a tie to my beloved Rhode Island summers…and I love the fantasy element of the mermaid washed up on the rocks.

Mike was painting outside on a hot summer day and this piece was new at the time, he’s since had success painting mermaids at several local icons including Block Island lighthouse.
I displayed it on my mantel, it is acrylic on canvas.

{image: Lovejoy}

A Sense of Place Photography – We’ve been moving around a lot so we haven’t had a lot of time to put things up on the wall. Anyways, it was a print that I bought for my mom for her birthday.

In her college years, my mother spent time living in Kenya and always had amazing and wonderful stories to share with me about the culture and life there and traveling in general. I always idolized these stories and wanted to be a world traveler like her, and now I’m happy to say I am. She collects giraffe figurines/ wooden statues, anything zany & with color,etc and I wanted to expand her collection with this mother-child print in gratitude for the stories she has instilled in me.

{image: Gothicrow}

Victoria Bennett Beyer – I love Halloween but it is not a big holiday where I currently live, so this year I decided to focus on decorating indoors where I can enjoy it more. I bought this print to display on my living room shelves, and it looks perfect with my pillar candles and faux crows. Though I must admit, I have been wanting it for some time and Halloween was a great excuse to finally purchase it.

{image: Tom Laura}

Elgarbo Art – I am a man of exquisite taste, so the last piece of art I purchased online reflects that fact. To give a general overview of the piece, it’s a lowbrow print featuring semi-nude zombie women making a sacrificial offering to some sort of Hawaiian tiki god.

{image: Scott K MacDonald via Cloudy Collection}

Jessica Beebe – While I love original works of course, I also love letter press pieces too. My most recent purchase was a set of mini letter press pieces from the Cloudy Collection.

{image: Ashley Dietrich}

Deborah Lynn Akers – I bought four beautiful raven paintings from Birds In Hand.

{image: Icons Art}

Willow Dawn – Knowing that my husband really enjoys looking at religious icons, I spent a good portion of my holiday in Italy, searching for the “perfect” one for him. But none were right. Then I came across this beautiful icon and it occurred to me that he likes byznatine icons. The detail and quality is superb and exactly what I had been looking for, and he now hangs prominently in our kitchen.


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3 thoughts on “photographers discuss – recent art purchases

  1. Katie King says:

    Wow, great series Jennifer, thanks for doing this! Your blog even knew I was a flickr user ;). Fun to see all this art, looks like ravens and bright multi-colors are definitely “in”. I also love that dwellings set you bought, reminds me of living in new york city. 😉

  2. Mary Vican says:

    Wow, this is really like looking into someone’s home but more personal. I love the raven prints, and that’s a new favorite shop of mine! This was very interesting. I love how everyone is drawn to things a bit alien to their own art, and some of them have deep meaning- and some are just for fun! This is how choosing art should be.

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