Pinterest Photo Project

Pinterest Photo Challenge

Pinterest Photo Challenge

I’ve been a loyal Young House Love reader for some time now and when I saw it was time for their Winter Pinterest Challenge I was both inspired and disheartened. I sooooo wanted to be a part of it but we have so many house projects on the go, plus we’re in the middle of a studio redo, that I can’t even imagine taking on something else right now. But I want to play too! So after much brainstorming with Darren last night the Pinterest Photo Project was born {B-O-R-N Born!}.

Our Pinterest Photo Project is meant to inspire me to look through my pins of photographs I’ve been dying to make or new techniques I’ve been yearning to try and stop drooling and start shooting. Wanna play too? Your project can be as big as styling a hotel in an exotic location (and if that’s the case, bring me along!) or as small as trying out a new technique when snapping pictures of your kids. When you’re done write a blog post about it and link back to the original source of your inspiration, then pat yourself on the back for a mission accomplished.

Go forth into the world with your cameras in hand! And come on back here next Thursday (the 28th) to share your photographs and see what we’ve been up to.

As you can see from my board, I’ve been anxious to work on some new food photographs. My plan is to pick up any props and ingredients over the weekend and get into the photography on Monday. Some of those dishes look tast-y so I’m a little concerned that my subject will never make it to the plate, and instead head straight for my belly… What type of photo project would you like to try? Sports? Food? A self portrait? Or is there a technique you’d like to test out? Maybe macro, long exposures, or using flash?

* Oh, and for those of you that I know will ask, this project is not sponsored or endorsed by Pinterest, just a little something I want to do to stop planning and take action. *

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