pocket-sized floor plan


We’re still trudging away at our living room cure, I know the Apartment Therapy Fall 2009 cure is officially over but we got sidetracked by other, more pressing projects.

  • sealing around new windows that we installed
  • modifying and building window jams for new windows that just didn’t sit right; don’t you love old houses?
  • insulating our crawl space, the floor in the kitchen is slowly getting warmer
  • trying to tidy the house from the renovation projects that seem to be wrapping up
  • getting ready for the holidays (knitting lots of warm gifts)

We hope that January will have us back making our living room a more comfortable, inviting, inspiring, and creative space. One of the tools that we’ll be using to do so is a brilliant little pocket-sized floor plan that we saw on Apartment Therapy. I know this is going to be incredibly handy, I’m going to fill mine with:

  • a basic floor plan with measurements
  • window dimensions
  • paint swatches for walls and couch
  • dimensions for the wall space above the couch and above our entertainment bench so I can find appropriately sized picture frames

What is your favourite tool for redecorating?

{image: apartment therapy}

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