Pre-production – Winter Trees 2012

Pre-production - Winter Trees Map

Pre-production - Winter Trees Map

Winter tree photography season is upon us, at least according to the calendar. So we’ve been busy little bees over here plotting our plan. I printed out maps via Google and taped them together in quadrants surrounding London. As I location scout and photograph the various areas I’ll highlight them to show that they’re done. Now all we need is some snow that will stick around for more than a few days. For now, the maps will live in my camera bag and I’ll continue to photograph seascapes.

Pre-production - Winter Trees Map

What have you done lately to prepare to make new photographs?

3 thoughts on “Pre-production – Winter Trees 2012

  1. sylvia says:

    Oh, my scouting methodology has gotten very very lazy with my iPhone. Snap a pic, coordinates are mapped, done :) This is impressive, Jen!

    That being said, I haven’t photographed any landscapes or seascapes since I went to Superior in September, and likely won’t before I head to Cuba in 18 days…

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh yes, the iPhone. It seems as though I need one for all features except the phone part. No landscapes since your trip to Lake Superior?! Is this good or bad?

      • sylvia says:

        All bad, Jen. This fall was particularly crazy at work and I was taking stuff home with me evenings and weekends. By the time it all passed in November, I was just weary and spent a few weeks of my free time in the fetal position. Now I’m ready to get back to it!

        I also let MJ talk me into a toy camera yesterday so I’ll be playing with my shiny plastic Diana F+ for the next little while.

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