Pretty Pink Little Girl’s Bedroom

Little Girl's Bedroom - Pink

Something happened at Gathering on the Green over the weekend that’s never happened before. Every little girl that came through my booth with her mom commented on how pretty it was. Normally kids are relatively disinterested in my tent full of art and would rather be frolicking in the grassy kid’s play area.

But not this weekend.

It was my small collection of abstract pink magnolias that are coming out later this month that really caught their eye. Soft pinks and whites in a blur of pretty flower shapes had them smiling and commenting and guessing what they were.

This got me to dreaming about decorating a pretty pink little girl’s bedroom. It would be not too pink, mostly whites and greys and neutrals, filled with things that would inspire and grow with them and be constantly re-styled over time.

So in honour of all those young ladies that brightened my Saturday I’ve put together a small collection of a few of my favourite things for a pretty pink little girl’s bedroom.

Little Girl's Bedroom - Pink

1 – Spring Garden Flowers Wallpaper // 2 – Gobi Faux Fur Decorative Pillow // 3 – Sophia Abstract Magnolia Print // 4 – Pick Stitch Quilted Bedding // 5 – Knubbig Table Lamp

The bed would be up against an accent wall covered in pretty floral wallpaper and the rest of the room would be white with the doors painted a soft pink. Blush from the wallpaper will layer with textured whites linens and a mix of pillows dressing the bed. White furniture matches the simple frames around the pink and white art adorning the walls with inspiration.

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