New Quebec Collection Has Arrived!

Window Art - Emma's Studio

Window Art - Emma's Studio

When Darren suggested we visit Quebec last year in honour of my 40th birthday I was surprised! Of course I wanted a grand yet relaxing adventure in honour of me (who wouldn’t?) but Quebec wasn’t even on my radar. We’d been to Montreal a few years ago in the winter and everyone told us we needed to come back in the nicer weather, but with so much of the world we wanted to explore, another trip up there was certainly low on my priority list.

I’d never been to Quebec City but Darren had, years ago, and he assured me I’d love it. And I did! We walked and ate and explored for days on end. I had the best sandwich of my life, ate pastries and drank amazing hot chocolate for breakfast, and revelled in the stone buildings and ornate, old-timey architecture.

Quebec Collection

For the explorer in all of us.

My new Quebec Collection images are now available in our shop! How dreamy would it be to be a Quebec City old town travel photographer? I’m definitely seeing more photography trips in my future…

With 14 fine art travel photographs of rustic doors and windows, this is the most sought after series I’ve ever made. Which I have to admit, comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Each description has a sweet little made up tale of the quaint folks that live inside, so definitely click through to read them all.

Click here to check out the full collection.