rebar jar


What to do with the little sliver of soap left after a lifetime (well a soap’s lifetime) of washing enjoyment?  Enter the rebar jar!  Once a bar of soap gets down to an unbearable size the little flake that remains gets added to our rebar jar.  And once our rebar jar has grown to a respectable amount of soap bits we melt them down and make a new bar of soap.  Our motto: no soap left behind!

What do you do to help reduce your bathroom waste?

{images: jennifer squires ross}

4 thoughts on “rebar jar

  1. lisa h. says:

    That’s a great idea! I remember a similar product in the Lillan Vernon catalog that my mom used to get in the mail when I was a kid. I always wanted to get it.
    I don’t know what I do to reduce bathroom waste. Recycle toilet roll tubes and aspirin bottles? My bathroom is so dinky that I don’t have room to store anything that might get wasted 🙂 In general, I don’t buy many of bath and beauty products other than the most basic supplies, so I guess you could say I try to limit my consumption in that area. I should try this soap sliver idea of yours…

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