Sandbanks Landscape – Lake Ontario #1

Sandbanks Landscape Photography - Lake Ontario #1

Sandbanks Landscape Photography - Lake Ontario #1

Lake Ontario #1, Sandbanks Landscape Photograph

Growing up my best friend in high school was a girl named Jen. Yes, we were known as The Jens. She lived four houses away from mine and we were inseparable for five years or more. Her family was my family and vice versa. I called her mom Mom and her sister Sherry was like the one I never had. After high school we all left town for college and life and don’t spend nearly as much time together as we should. So when I heard Jen was coming home for a visit from British Columbia I jumped at the chance to catch up with her.

Prince Edward County, approximately five hours northeast of London, Ontario

Her family moved to picturesque Prince Edward County several years back so this was the perfect way to combine a seascape photography business trip with pleasure. It was so relaxing! I stayed in the spare bedroom at her parents house and it felt every bit as comfortable as it did when we were growing up, my home away from home. Magic! We all spent lots of time catching up, eating ice cream, and exploring the many beaches.

The last night that I was there Jen joined me for an evening of seascape photography out at Sandbanks Provincial Park. The water was rough and higher than anyone remembers it ever being and my tripod was positioned where the water would lap up and my feet got quite wet. But Jen’s never failing ingenuity saved the day, she found me some rocks to stand on and help keep my feet dry.

Thanks Jen! I’m so grateful to you and your family!

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