season change

Lake Erie, Erieau, Ontario, Canada

Ho hum. That’s how I feel about my most recent shoot in Erieau. Seems along with the changing seasons the sun is moving further south, putting it in a less than ideal location for photographing the wooden posts. I’m really happy with how the water turned out in this image but the spiles are lacking the drama they had back in August and September.

I may get another shot or two in if I a choose a different angle but I’m not sure if that possibility is worth the nearly two hour drive. Although with the recent time change the sun is now setting an hour earlier so at least I’d be home at a more reasonable time.

On a brighter note I got to spend the evening with the lovely Sylvia and we were given a fantastic photographer’s tour by the infamous Bob and Val. Oh how my heart flutters at the thought of meeting up with photographers in the real world! Thanks for a great evening everyone!

1 thoughts on “season change

  1. sylvia says:

    Thanks again for letting me tag along! If you’re ever interested in making the trek back, I’d be happy to drive and let you relax… or relax as much as one can with me behind the wheel.

    I’m sorry you didn’t come away with what you’d hoped, but I do love the milky soft quality of the water in that photo. I also love that four people can set up in one spot and come away with images that feel so different.

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