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Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful few days!  It was the Civic Holiday weekend for some of us here in Canada and Darren and I spent much of it working on our house.  Today I want to share with you one of the first buried treasures that we found during our re-siding adventure.  Upon removing the first of three layers of siding we uncovered: an old window!  And oh do I love it!  I love everything about it!


  • I love the mystery of why someone would cover up such a window
  • I love thinking about when, in the history of our house, this window was boarded up
  • I love the shape, look, and general charm of this window.  I mean, come on, tell me this window isn’t adorable!
  • I love imagining how different this room was with a window
  • I love looking at all the layers of paint on this window (including pink) and picturing what it must have looked like in all it’s different incarnations

Windows just don’t have the glamour that they once did, do they?  Have you ever found buried treasure at your house that completely changed the way you looked at it?  Share with us the secret history of your home.

Love, Jennifer

{images: Jennifer Squires Ross}

2 thoughts on “secret past

    • jennifer says:

      We were in shock when we found it, and then kept joking that we better be careful when we remove pieces of the house, who knows, there might be a window underneath it. The floor plan was definitely different and I love to daydream about it. Our house was built in 1910 and I’m not sure what function this room played, I believe it’s next to the room that was originally the kitchen, so perhaps it was a dining room or living room.

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