Shine On Forever

Plexman and iPIX

This week’s iteration of The List Love Book Club is supposed to be about my most memorable co-worker. I’ve worked with so many wonderful and inspiring people so far, how can I choose just one? So instead I want to shine the spotlight on some of the stars:

  • Matthew Plexman + Sylvia Verkley – I will forever be indebted to you for all the knowledge you shared with me about business, photography, and life. I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today if it weren’t for you. My office needs a snack drawer…
  • Darren Smith – You built my confidence, supported my decisions, and helped me stay the course, my course.
  • Jason Mortlock – You always rocked at third-person Thursdays.
  • Carren Sauder – Your wit, confidence, creativity, and general girl-geniusness has impacted my life more than you can imagine. We’ll always have San Andres…
  • Nav Dhillon – May the fozzy bear sweater live forever!
  • Najum Bhutta – What can I say, don’t ever change.
  • Barry Herbert – Long live silly!
  • Rick Van Duinen – Your humour and outlook kept my sanity through some tough times, be strong, have faith, and never give up.

I guess I never got the chance took the time to tell all these people how much they meant to me and that they are an integral part in creating the me that I am today. I am beholden to each and every one of you for sharing your brilliance with me. Shine on forever.


This concludes this week’s List Love Book Club, I’d love to hear about your memorable co-workers in the comments section below.  Check back next week when I’ll be listing my favourite scents. Hmmm… Sounds like a snore, but I assure you it won’t be.

3 thoughts on “Shine On Forever

  1. carren says:

    holy crap who knew I was so fantastic!
    thanks Jen I am truly honored to be on this list.. you are the Wu to my Wei (or vice versa)

  2. Torrie Sessions says:

    I was surprised when it asked for just one! Not quite a “list”… But it worked for this week, since I was a little short on time. Like you, there have been so, so many memorable and influential co-workers.

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