snowy trees and plastic manners

elviage pearl, photograph by jennifer squires

Wednesday was a beautifully overcast wintery day in our part of the world, perfect for snowy tree photographs. Darren found a new area just outside of town that he thought I should check out, so off I went – camera in tow! Many gorgeous trees were captured; this image being my personal favourite. Look for it to be available in our shop some time next week.

We haven’t come up with a name yet, we’re thinking Elviage Pearl or Alone Together. Please comment with your suggestions.

new blog - plastic manners

Have you noticed a new blog appearing in our blogroll? I just added a brand new one (new as of December) to our list and it might just be what I’m looking for to fill the green void left by the signing off of Green as a Thistle. Plastic Manners, brought to my attention earlier this week via the David Suzuki Foundation Facebook page, chronicles the tale of Taina’s self-imposed year without plastics and the creation of her “Vile Pile”, unavoidable and incidentally acquired plastics.

I am certain this is a blog that is going to get me riled – not by Taina, but by the plastic world we live in and the little things that I often overlook. For instance, why do apples from the grocery store have to come with one form of plastic or another? They are either packed within a clear plastic bag, or they individually brandish a plastic sticker. Argh…

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