spring native plant booty

spring 2009 native plants

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We sure did!  Darren was off test-driving motorcycles on Saturday morning so I went shopping for the garden at the London Waldorf School Native Plant Sale.  It’s an event that we attend every year to stock up on a few new plants for our native garden.  This year I brought home:

blue-eyed grass

Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium montanum) – I haven’t figured out where I’m going to put this yet.  It grows 4-12 inches and gets precious little blue flowers on it.  Darren loves grasses and I though it would be fun to have something grassy that flowers.

side-oats grama

Side-oats Grama (Bouteloua curtipendula) – This is one we’ve been wanting for a few years now, it’s a grass that the seeds kinda dangle from the side of, it’s quite neat looking.  We have a small area of our yard that we call the beaver dam, because of the trellis we began building there last year, and ever since we started that garden we’ve wanted to include this prairie grass in it.

woodland sunflower

Woodland Sunflower (Helianthus divaricatus) – A tall (3-5 foot) plant that gets pretty yellow flowers on it throughout the summer.  We have a lot of shade in our yard and I’m always looking for flowering plants to fill it in.  Plus I’m hoping that we’ll be able to harvest the seeds from it to plant in the space across the street from our house, which is currently quite scrubby.

wild geranium

Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum) – This one I just couldn’t resist with it’s little purple flowers.  It does well in the shade so it may go in the shady section of our native plant garden or out into the front yard.

Which native plants do you grow in your garden?

One thought on “spring native plant booty

  1. lisa h. says:

    I absolutely love a nice humble bit of grass, even more than flowers. I’d love to have a little garden, or even a tiny flowerbed. I heard that in NY you even need to have a permit for a windowbox planter. If I install one, I think I would just grow grass in it, my very own teeny tiny lawn!

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