Standard Artwork Frame Sizes

Standard Artwork Frame Sizes
Standard Artwork Frame Sizes

Calling all art collectors!

Let’s talk about standard artwork frame sizes so you can shop for ready-made frames with ease.

For smaller pieces, 11×14 inches or less, I recommend the DIY route. Just head to your favourite home shop to pick out frames!

Keep an Eye on the Sizes

Some companies label their frames by the size of the mat opening while others list it by the size of the glass, so things can get confusing fast. It’s a good idea to bring a tape measure.

Typically a frame will fit a print in two standard sizes, one size using the mat (if it comes with one) and the next size larger without. So a frame with 16×20 inch glass will often hold a 16×20 inch print with no mat, or an 11×14 inch print with a mat.

Side note – I highly recommend using a mat. It leaves space around your art to let it visually breathe, it makes a small piece seem larger, and it keeps your print from touching the glass which can damage it in time.

If your artwork is larger than 11×14 inches, you’re probably best to get it custom framed by a professional who can help you choose the perfect size for both your piece as well as your space. The larger the art gets, the easier it is to damage while you’re handling it.

About to order a print but you’re not sure which size? Download my Art Size Worksheet to get you started!

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