Store-Bought Art Instantly Cheapens Your Home

Down by the Lake - Impressionist Art Beach Photograph

Down by the Lake - Impressionist Art Beach Photograph

MyDomaine recently published an article called 10 Decorating Mistakes that Instantly Cheapen Your Home, and what was number two on their list?

Store-bought art.

That’s right, according to Bobby Berk “Everyone can spot cheap art, and this immediately makes a room look cheaper“.

I get it. You’ve just moved into your new home and you’ve got all kinds of things to think about; Where am I going to put the credenza? Does the sofa look as good in this place as it did the last? Do I need a new colour scheme?

You’re busy. But you want your new place to feel like home. Fast.

You stick up the few pieces of art you had in your last house. But since your new home is bigger, your walls are still bare. So you head on over to the big box store and buy a few framed prints and canvases to fill in the gaps.

We’ve all done it.

A year goes by. You’ve repainted. Twice. Replaced the sofa with one that fits better. But that cheap art is still on your walls. It’s fine, isn’t it?

No my darling, it isn’t.

Art that lacks emotion and feeling and inspiration is actually bringing down the whole look of your home. It’s like wearing costume jewelry with a designer dress, it just isn’t gonna do.

Collecting art from artists can be easier (and more fun!) than you think, they can help you choose a piece that works really well in your home. Or if you’ve found a print you love, they can help you find the perfect spot for it.

Artists can make custom sizes to fit perfectly on that accent wall or above your bed. Or even use custom materials. Want a wrapped canvas of that print you saw? Prefer a print of that canvas you fell in love with? Artists can make it happen.

Better still, give the artist a photo of your room and they can mock it up to give you a sense of how your new art is going to look in your home before you even buy it. Yup, artists can do that.

There’s lots of places out there to buy art, but if you really want to add something special to your home, then choose to collect art from artists, not big box stores.

Ready to get started? Take a look around my shop, and definitely let me know what I can do to make the perfect piece of art just for you.





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