Summer Bucket List

Beach Artwork - Spring Renewal
Summer Bucket List
Spring Renewal

I am so super excited that Wednesday is the first day of summer! It’s tied with spring for winner of my favourite season, with fall coming in a close second, and winter way, waaaaaay at the bottom of the list.

Here in Canada summer slips by too quickly, so I’ve scaled back on art festivals and I’m dreaming about what my ideal summer will look like…

My Summer Bucket List

  1. Picnic with Darren
  2. Read Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper
  3. Unplugged Sundays – only spending 2 hours online
  4. Go camping in September
  5. See a drive-in movie
  6. Swim in Lake Erie and Lake Huron
  7. Take a 2+ night road trip on the fly
  8. Find a new favourite summer Greek dinner recipe
  9. Spend 4 quiet days at the cottage
  10. Work longer days Monday to Thursday so I can take two Fridays off a month
  11. Spend more time on the porch
  12. Go for a drink with Darren on a patio

What’s one thing you’d LOVE to do this summer?

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