sunfest 2009


Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend? My Sunday was wonderfully relaxing! Darren and I spent the entire afternoon at Sunfest: lazing on the grass, listening to a wonderful collection of world music, catching up with friends, eating fabulous food, and doing a little bit of shopping.  I do believe that this is what Sunday’s were meant to be!


We came home with some wonderful soapy treats:

I’m particularly excited about this last one.  My all time favourite soap was a hemp bar from Delucious in Toronto and they’ve since closed up shop.  According to Stephi from Inner Insights, Delucious was the one that taught her how to make soap, so yippee for me and all the other Delucious fans out there!



I also bought a really pretty wrap dress from Evolve Designs.  I plan to wear it to a wedding this coming weekend, yeah!

What outdoor festivals do you plan to attend this year?

{images: jennifer squires productions}

1 thoughts on “sunfest 2009

  1. lisa h. says:

    That’s a sweet photo – you look like you’re having a good time out there.\
    Your skirt is so pretty! I’ve been looking around online for patterns for wrap skirts to make. They’re so easy and comfortable, and I don’t currently own a single one. Boo!

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