I’m Still

Minimalist Photography - Frequency Swaying
Minimalist Photography - Frequency Swaying
Frequency Swaying, Minimalist Photography
Sunrise Photography - Searching for Whispers
Searching for Whispers, Sunrise Photography
Minimalist Photography - Swimming in Harmony
Swimming in Harmony, Minimalist Photography
Landscape Photography - Fire Unlit
Fire Unlit, Landscape Photography
Sunrise Photography - Anticipation to Fly
Anticipation to Fly, Sunrise Photography
Landscape Photography - Unplayed Note
Unplayed Note, Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography - Looking for Direction
Looking for Direction, Landscape Photography

I’ve been experimenting with more abstract-ish colour at dawn, which is meaning even earlier mornings on the beach since my first sunrise photography session taught me I was a tiny bit late arriving. And at sunrise every minute counts. So I’ve been getting up 15 minutes earlier and things have been working out much better, well except for the fact that switching my alarm clock from 3:30 am to 3:15 am reminds me that every minute of sleep at that hour of the morning counts too. Sigh…

Beach Photography Beach Photography

I’ve spent absolutely beautiful mornings on the beach in the fresh air, light breeze, and enveloping quiet, this girl is definitely not complaining.

Where do you feel stillness? Is it on the beach? In your favourite chair? Or at the cottage? And which do you prefer, the smoothness of the water in these sunrise photographs or the slight ripple in Summer Lovers?

2 thoughts on “I’m Still

    • Jennifer says:

      From the comfort of my studio at almost 8am, I think they’re totally worth the 15 minutes. When my alarm clock is going off at 3:15am I tend to selfishly disagree.

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