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October 2014 Calendar

I’ve been busy experimenting with some new photographs and I thought I’d include my favourite [...]

September 2014 Calendar

August has certainly been a chilly month in our part of the world. I did [...]

August 2014 Calendar

July has FLOWN by. I didn’t do enough savouring of the mild weather, though in [...]


July 2014 Calendar

We spent last Friday night on the Ipperwash beach. First having our portraits made by the [...]


May 2014 Calendar

Hello Everyone! Sorry we haven’t been blogging much lately, the flu has invaded our studio [...]


April 2014 Calendar

How was your winter in your part of the world? Here everyone is pretty much [...]

Maple Syrup Love

I have a newfound love for maple syrup. I think it was in there all [...]


Lifeguard Station 2, 8″ x 10″ modern fine art photographic print Yesterday I began a [...]

scene magazine – march 2009

Hey look!  That’s me on page 20 of the March 26th – April 8 edition [...]

free pea seeds!

I’m finding myself with an abundance of pea seeds, way more than I could possibly [...]


vanilla dream – modern fine art photographic print

Vanilla Dream, 11″x14″ modern fine art photographic print With almost two feet of snow on [...]


icewine – a canadian tradition

There are actually two wine regions here in Canada, one of which is only a [...]